Barely 2 weeks old, newborn Isabella is already a strong-willed, consistent, and super charming little girl. Even better: she sleeps like a pro! It’s been a while since I’ve been around a newborn… they’re really so tiny! She’s an incredibly lovely baby. Can’t wait to see the girl she grows into.


All of my recent posts have been about my visits to Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN. This past weekend I spent 5 hours photographing their main pack, a unique and fulfilling experience.

I was told that Erin, my sponsored wolf, Chetan’s, live-in mate, had not been feeling well. As much as I wanted to visit with them both, I thought it more practical for Erin to get rest and not be bothered. I would see them “next time”.

Yesterday I learned that Erin’s condition deteriorated rapidly over the last few days. When the vet examined her, they found a tumor on her heart. She was a little over 14-years old and Chetan’s preferred mate for nearly a decade.

I’ve spent most of my morning reading archived newsletters about the happy wolf couple in their better, healthier and younger days, and I find myself a little more devastated than I probably should be over a wolf I’ve spent very little time with. I’m certain that much of my sadness is over Chetan being alone, and insanely elderly, and having to readjust to life on his own or potentially with another roommate. And, of course, I’m sad that he lost his pal and the “lady” he took good care of for most of his life.

Farewell to a wonderful wildlife ambassador.

On December 1, I spent 5 hours in a wolf pack enclosure. It was an unusually warm and sunny day for the beginning of December in the Midwest. The wolves were nearly done growing their winter coats, so the almost 70 degree weather made them a little sluggish, but still active enough to get great photos of.

Our third visit to Wolf Park included gorgeous weather: temps in the mid-50’s, sunny, and windless. The wolves are fully on their way to growing in their winter coats. Coupled with the abnormally warm weather, the wolves were lazy and sleepy.

Chetan, our eldest wolf, gave us a good amount of face time in his enclosure. He came to stand by us for lots of head and neck scratches and looked incredible with his winter coat growing in.

Our other adoptive wolf, Tristan, is usually weary of humans, but his enclosure mate, Ayla, stands proxy for him. She too was a little distracted by the great weather (and several other visitors she had earlier in the day), so our visit with her was short lived.

Saturday we made another visit to Wolf Park for their annual Pumpkin Party. The wolves got pumpkins filled with Spam and other delicious treats.

The bison got treats, too, and we got to view them closer than we have before. THEY HAVE HUGE FACES THAT I WANT TO TOUCH, and they are terrifyingly beautiful.

More importantly, our visit also included time with our new friend Kelly and her two fascinating and super snuggly kids, Ruby & Henry. Within seconds of meeting Henry, I found him with his head against my arm, and in minutes, after his mom asked him to sit, he was on my lap. Ruby held my husband’s hand nearly the entire time we were at the park.

We made followed up our first journey to Wolf Park on a chilly, rainy Friday morning. We first met with our adopted wolf, Tristan, and his daughter/roommate, Ayla. Ayla was far more interested in interacting with us, stepping up onto a wooden platform, giving us paw and kisses on our face. She’d proudly grab a dangling piece of deer, parade it around and take a few bites.

We visited Chetan last; he tends to love being touched and somewhat snuggled. He is 15-years old, his bladder is a little leaky, and he walks a little clumsily, but he holds a very special place in my heart. He is wild, but tame, and cautiously reminds me of our own little 10 lb. wolf.

Meet Abby!

Abby is a loyal and loving Westie to her human parents, Nancy & Steve. She enjoys lounging in her spacious front/back yard, chasing squirrels, bunnies and birds, and yelling at the UPS man.

When Abby first entered the studio, I’m fairly certain she thought she was at the vet. After lots of pacing (and a little/lot of drool), she sat nicely for a few photos and posed several times in her signature “sit pretty” trick!